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If you have ever tried to locate a hard to find cult classic or a movie that is no longer in print then maybe we can help.  We currently have over 5,000 cult-campy movies many of which are no longer available without paying an exorbitant fee or going through a long drawn out process in ordering and procurement.

We provide media catalogs of our movies and music available to our members at no cost except where a small handling and shipping fee may be required.  If you would like us to ship your item on a USB thumb-drive then that option also exists and in that case we accept a small donation to cover the cost. We will provide you via email a detailed report listing the item and any costs involved.  You must agree to our Disclaimer and Terms of Use prior to obtaining any item from The Media Landing Zone or our affiliates.

We also provide a Media Request form so you can request your item be made available in one of many formats and how you would like to obtain your item.  In such cases we provide a free FTP account to our members, DVDs or if possible we can provide a download link on our AWS S3 or related server.  In any case we will communicate with you via email every step of the way.

Thank you for trusting us and by all means send us an email and allow us to assist you in your multimedia needs.  We provide media transfer services and can also assist you for online support and basic computer consulting at a modest fee. We are fully secured by Comodo Positive SSL. 

The MLZ Staff

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