MLZ Cloud Access

To access our 10 terabyte cloud drive containing more then 80,000 mp3s, multiplied thousands of assorted images and music videos please visit this web-page!

Next, once we have received your registration and have setup your account you will receive an email from Western Digital confirming we have created an account on your behalf. If you not receive this email shortly, then contact us at once so we can resend your registration conformation to Western Digital. At this point click the link or button displayed in your email to create a new password. Keep this password in a safe place. You may login in the future either to the  Western Digital MyCloud Website to access our server or you may download and install their software on your desktop/laptop or mobile device to gain access. When you receive a security certificate message when you login please accept then continue to login since this is not applicable for our server configuration and under no circumstances will effect your security using the server.

If you lose the password you will need to contact us so we can resend your registration information. Please do not share your login details with friends or family.
Login to the MyCloud Server with your username or email address and your password you just created. On the left will be a list of folders.  You also will see a folder with your name that you can upload or download files into.  Do not place anything confidential in your folder. The contents of these folders or the folder itself can be dragged to your desktop to download the item, Click and hold your folder or file and drag it to your Windows desktop. You can also stream the mp3 music or videos. To stream movies you will need a fast broadband connection even though the file will be cached.  We recommend you download VLC or SM Player to play your videos once downloaded. Downloading a large movie can be time consuming and may time out if you are using a slow internet connection. Please read the readme text file as soon as possible. Thank you.