Welcome to the Western Digital My Cloud 10 TB Server! Please read this entire document!  Please look for MyCloud, WDMyCloud, MLZFTP, or similar icon name when you access the Cloud each time.  Depending whether you are using WD software or logging in on their website you will either use the server icon (software version) to login or will need to supply your username/email address and password to login. If you have trouble accessing the Cloud Drive using the server icon, toward the bottom of the login page is a link that will allow you to login using your email address/username and password when you first accessed the cloud drive via the setup email.

We use your registration to obtain a valid email address to setup your Western Digital account. So, if you provide a dummy address you will be banned immediately so when you complete the registration form please provide factual and valid information and you must agree to having read and understood the Terms of Use, Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy. If you have registered then proceed to  the next paragraph. 
The Western Digital 10 TB  Cloud Server (aka MLZFTP) contains over 85,000 mp3’s, assorted music videos, old TV commercials and our massive Asian Babe Galleries and our erotic AV Idols Collection (NSFW). You will see a folder with your first name on it. This “share” folder is simply your public folder to upload and download your personal files to if you so choose but this is purely optional. Do not put anything confidential in your “share” folder. Our movie collection of +5,000 movies are offline. However, you can visit our Movie and Music Catalogs here.  Media requests can be made using this form. The Cloud server can be slow at times so please be patient while others may be downloading data. If the drive is offline for some reason please check the Network Status Page

The MLZFTP Cloud Server is a streaming and download server available 24-7 unless it is offline for service, updates or maintenance. This server can only be accessed by software from Western Digital available here or you must log into your Western Digital My Cloud account. You download and install the Western Digital software on anyone or all of these devices: Personal Computer or laptop (preferred), Mac computer, iPad, Apple or Android smart-phones or tablets. Once you have registered we will setup your My Cloud account with the email address you provided. Once your Cloud account is setup you will receive an email invitation from Western Digital on our behalf instructing you on confirming your identity and asking you to create a password. Follow the instructions in this email exactly. Once completed, log off of completely and then proceed to download and install the Western Digital software on any one or all of those devices mentioned earlier. You may continue to use your Western Digital My Cloud account if you so choose. Once you have logged in to the MLZFTP Cloud Server  (agree to any security alert messages) locate the yellow folder titled “Public”. Inside this folder is a Wordpad document called ‘PLEASE_README_TXT.txt”. Please take a few moments and read the contents of this Readme file.  Have fun!

Please note that The MLZ Cloud Server (aka The MLZ Cloud Drive/Server) is totally different then The AV Idols Server located on even though we control both network locations. Both are secure and private and both can be accessed with total anonymity.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.  We will be glad to help getting you setup and ready to go!