Easy File Web Server Info Page

The MLZ ADULT WEB SERVER provides a quick and easy way to access our online adult content. All you need to do is login as a Guest (no registration currently needed) and that’s it! You can only download one file at a time unless you are using an auto-downloader application such at JDownloader or Flash Get which permits you to download entire folders. You may need to unzip or unrar certain “packed files” located on the server before you can use them but we have tried to keep the files as raw data and not compressed so you can see thumbnails. PLEASE BE PATIENT as it will take a few moments to cache all the thumbnails in any given directory the FIRST TIME you access that directory folder. Afterwards, unless you clean your PC cache each night, they will load almost instantly the next time you visit that folder. This server is not intended for streaming but the download times are respectable if you don’t overwhelm it by flooding. At the current time, you may login as a Guest but if the server is abused then we will require a username and password.

TO NAVIGATE around the Web Server simply click on the folder of your interest and locate the file you are interesting in downloading. Right click and select “Save Target As” to start the download or simply click on the caption link below the file. A confirmation window will appear then select “Save” to download the file to your hard disk. You return to the Web Server Main Page by clicking VIRTUAL FOLDERS at the top of ANY page. Please note a path link at the top middle of most pages also displays your location within the Folder Tree. Simply double click on a folder or the path link to navigate around folders and reveal their content. Some areas of the web server will allow you to open “index files” to display thumbnail images of wallpapers. You can select a Thumbnail or a List View by clicking the link in the upper right page area. The default view is List instead of Thumbnail in order to save time when loading the folder contents. Be advised it will take longer to load the thumbnails if you so choose but eventually they will load. Unfortunately the web server will only display JPG thumbnails in the directory listings at this time. The web server is not very fast but it is stable, secure, private and we not track you or send your advertisements of any kind! 

The easiest and fastest way of which to locate an item on our website is to use the Search Tool which is located throughout the website. You can also perform a search while logged into the Adult Web Server.

If you need assistance, please contact us using the Feedback Form! Thank you!

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