Cloud Server Access

NOTICE! Our Cloud Server is currently offline for repairs.  You may still register but all registrations will be held until the server is back online.  You may check on the data recovery status of the sever here. Thank you for your patience!

Our Buffalo 24TB TeraStation provides our friends and followers with a secure and fast connection to stream or download our media content with privacy and anonymity. Under normal circumstances you should have no issues with downloading medium size video files or streaming them unless the server is overloaded which can occur from time to time. In order to access our Buffalo TeraStation simply send us a request via our Feedback form, Register or send us a private message here on Tumblr or our affiliate Facebook Group and we will email or send you a message with your username and password with the Server Name ID.  Please allow 8 hours for us to setup your free and unlimited account and process your request. Please do not share your access credentials with others. Thank you.

The server is made available 24-7 to our friends and Tumblr followers without any fees, charges or hidden costs.  Our server resides on our premises and is totally secure, safe and free from malware or viruses. We scan the server daily for malware, root-kits, intrusion attacks, viruses or other vulnerabilities. We provide our server only to those whom take the time to register or make a request via email or private message.  The quickest way to get online is to Register.  This registration allows us to setup your free and unlimited account for either a Windows or Apple personal computer, tablet or other mobile device. You then can browse and download or stream our media content with peace of mind.

Our server content is for YOUR PERSONAL AND PRIVATE USE ONLY! Please do not download our media and upload these same files elsewhere! If you have a website or blog and would like to use our images then contact us for more information. You may not download and use these image galleries or videos for monetary gain or commercial use. We welcome any copyright claim or inquiry if you send us the necessary correspondence documenting the photo(s) or video(s) in question and can verify your identity. Send all legal inquiries to The Media Landing Zone Legal Department.

A fast broadband connection with a personal computer  or mac is highly recommended! 

Next, please follow these INSTRUCTIONS. Thank you!


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