All Users Take Note! Caution….


We have decided to no longer require a user to register to access the MLZ Server! However, YOU are now responsible not us to maintain security of the web access link and prevent minors from using the access page! Also, at this time we have removed all bandwidth restrictions but if we see someone “hogging” the Server they will be warned since we now log (monitor) all IP addresses. Do not login on several PCs so you can download more…nay–nay! Finally, use common sense. Don’t leave the server access window open and just walk away from your PC so minors can see how to gain access. Also, please do not share the access key word with others outside this membership or with other websites.  If we see webmasters looting our archives because you are sharing this link (yes, it’s public BUT NOT to be given out to every Tom, Dick and Harry) then we will reinstate REQUIRED USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS OR TAKE THE SERVER DOWN FOREVER! We now receive a daily report of the server log so if we see porn sites accessing this server on a regular basis then YOU WILL NO LONGER HAVE PUBLIC ACCESS. Again if you value “public” access then please take care of these simple requests. There is still much content to restore to the server so if it is offline or very slow that is because the server may be in maintenance mode. Your patience is appreciated. We have made it easy to access the server and everything is located on just ONE page! The access link is located on the top menu of our website:

Effective:  3 December 2017

The MLZ Team