Tsubasa Akimoto

Tsubasa Akimoto is a sexy Japanese gravure idol born in Tokyo, Japan on November 11, 1991. Her blood type is A, and she is 163 cm tall. Tsubasa’s body measurements are: Bust: 83 cm, Waist: 57 cm and Hips: 86 cm. Don’t forget to visit her very sexy Gallery consisting over 1,400 hot Photos! Enjoy her slide show video below . . .

Visit her Gallery

View her Video Collection on The MLZ Video Zone

Download her (7) Photo Sets below:

Download Photo Set 1   (79 mb) 

Download Photo Set 2   (64 mb) 

Download Photo Set 3   (56 mb)

Download Photo Set 4   (58 mb)

Download Photo Set 5   (56 mb)

Download Photo Set 6   (32 mb)

Download Photo Set 7   (24 mb)

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