Kana Tsugihara

Kana Tsugihara is a beautiful and sensual Japanese gravure idol born in Tokyo, Japan on August 25,1984. Her blood type is O, and she is 158 cm tall, Kana’s body measurements are: Bust: 87 cm, Waist: 60 cm and Hips: 88 cm. She is also a popular actress who has appeared in many magazines and television shows. Kana has absolutely taken the industry in Japan by storm. Kana is extremely well endowed by typical standards for most Asian girls, with a bust of 34F. Most recently she can be found in advertisements for the Sony PSP and Microsoft Xbox 360.

Visit her Gallery of over 1,950 Photos . . .

Browse her Video Collection at The MLZ Video Zone

Download Photo Set 1 (50mb)

Download Photo Set 2 (84.5mb)

Download Photo Set 3 (96mb)

Download Photo Set 4 (218mb)

Download Photo Set 5 (85mb)

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