New Server Comes Online

abz_Hinako_Sano19.jpgTo accommodate our growing model collections,  The Asian Babe Zone (The MLZ Network) has added yet another fast web server to our array.

This new server will ease some of the congestion we are experiencing with a few of our other servers.  This will allow us to expand our burgeoning  media archive as well as provide faster and more efficient use of our bandwidth.

We encourage all our friends and followers of The Asian Babe Zone to register for access to our 10TB Cloud Server where we provide complete model download galleries for all our gravure models, celebs and babes we showcase on The ABZ.

The new Gallery Server #5 is now online and presently a few models are being uploaded to provide a new home for those galleries that were inaccessible after The MLZ decided to move  their hosting platform to and drop the dysfunctional Hostmonster outfit!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us!

Rick Sprinkle, Senior Admin

The MLZ Team


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