Cloud Server Is Now Primary Download Tool

Welcome to The Asian Babe Zone!

In the past we have provided several photo sets for you to download of any given model we have showcased here at The ABZ. We may continue that practice in isolated cases but for the most part we are asking all our wonderful followers on Tumblr to register and take advantage of our Cloud Server to make our life much easier. Our time is limited so we have decided to provide the entire gallery of any model we have showcased available online via our Western Digital Cloud Server. This is our very own private server and may not be the fastest server on the planet but it provides a safe and secure method of downloading not only our Asian Babe Zone Galleries but other media files present on the server as well. We can assure you our server is safe, virus and malware free and we never track your usage or limit your downloads. This makes our life easier to provide the galleries in this fashion as opposed to taking the time to zip up all the files and upload to the MLZ Download Blog. You can download entire directories of all our models by the ” drag and drop method” or just a few images if you prefer…it’s up to you. Finally , we ask you to register so we may setup your account with Western Digital. Complete the registration with a valid email (we will never release, give or sale your email to any other party EVER) and then within 24 hours we will send you an email giving you details on how to login. You can use your Apple or Windows desktop computer to download files but we discourage the use of portable devices due mainly to their storage size limitations. Your mobile device can access the Cloud Server via an Apple or Android app for browsing purposes but it highly recommended you only use a desktop computer with a high speed connection to download our media files. For more information please follow the links that may appear in this article.  Thank you for your time and understanding. Happy downloads!

Please Read this Page for More Information!

Visit the Official Western Digital Cloud Website

View Online Galleries at The ABZ Gallery Portal

The Media Landing Zone Wiki

Welcome to The Asian Babe Zone
Rick L. Sprinkle, Senior Admin

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