Yuriko Shiratori

Yuriko Shiratori (白鳥 百合子 Shiratori Yuriko) is a Japanese gravure idol, tarento artist, and actress. She played Hana in Kamen Rider Den-O. She was born in Miyagi on April 29, 1983. Her blood type is O, and she is 166 cm tall, Yuriko’s body measurements are: Bust: 88 cm, Waist: 56 cm and Hips: 84 cm. She was formerly affiliated with the A-Team Entertainment Production Agency but due to health problems due to overwork, she had to stop playing the role, thus the reason her character was reduced to the age of a child. On February 1, 2013 she announced that she would will be retiring from the entertainment industry.  She was and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and sensual gravure models ever.

Visit her Updated Photo Gallery!

Watch her Youtube Slide Show

Download Photo Set 1 (69 MB)

Instead of downloading this photo set here you can download her ENTIRE Gallery by registering for free and secure access to our private Cloud Server.  For more information on how to gain access please visit here!


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