15 February 2017

We trust winter is just about gone and spring to arrive early with beautiful flowers and the warmer climate!

We have been very busy trying new options for several elements of The MLZ Network.  After we decided we no longer wanted to host with Hostmonster last month it has been a major ordeal moving our media and various network functions to a new home.  We finally have a solution and that is to have more than one hosting account in order to fulfill all of our hosting needs. In the meantime, we have added a new domain: http://mlzserver.com in order to ease the traffic.  This website provides download features and our AV Idol (NSFW) protected area.  We also changed hosting companies quickly once again for http://asianbabezone.com (also a new domain) since their service was less then stellar and we are on the move! Some links may be down temporarily.

So, with that in mind thank you again for your continued patience as we move forward to provide an exciting, dynamic and enjoyable browsing and downloading experience for all our Tumblr followers and friends of  The Asian Babe Zone and The MLZ Network.

Finally, be of good cheer as we move forward exciting new days lie ahead as we bring back new services we lost during our move last month.  One major exciting item is we have already made plans to bring back and upgrade our MLZ Video Blog complete with model profiles and their Youtube/Vimeo videos for each model.  This was a unique feature of our website and we are so happy to see it back where it belongs!  Please allow a few weeks while we try to restore the archived MySQL database.  If this doesn’t work then we may have to build it from “scratch” once again.  This would of course be a timely endeavor but well worth the wait!  You can keep an eye out for this and other new features here on the Home Page of The MLZ Network or of course on our ABZ Tumblr Blog.

Stay safe and thank you again for your continued support and we welcome all our new followers on The Asian Babe Zone Tumblr Blog!  

Best regards,

The MLZ Team