27 June 2017

Proudly Banned by You Tube for Having Videos Way Too Sexy!

New NAS Cloud Server Added!

The Asian Babe Zone has purchased a new TeraStation 12TB Network Additional Storage Server that is now available to our friends and followers here on Tumblr!  

The rationale being that we were paying too much in hosting fees with our supplemental mlzserver.com domain but had hundreds of adult idol videos and AV galleries we wanted to share but we didn’t upload them since they charged us for costly bandwidth and our GB storage monthly fee continued to rise. Now we can serve our own videos and share content without using a hosting company! 

To accommodate our growing friends and followers we have invested in state of the art NAS technology so you can download with ease and security.  This new server will replace our current WD Cloud Server which can be quite slow at times.  Watch for more news and hopefully this will allow us to continue to grown and expand well into the future. 

 As we grow we can expand the NAS Server to 32GB should the need arise!  Thanks for reading our extended message!  Hope you have a great week.  Be on the lookout for some really hot new idols coming soon!

Rick Sprinkle, Senior Admin

The MLZ Network