11 April 2017

Proudly Banned by You Tube for Having Videos Way Too Sexy!

Thank you to all our loyal followers as we approach the 5,000 subscriber mark soon.  We hope you enjoy the seven galleries that host our showcase models.  We continue to ask our followers and friends to take advantage of our Cloud Server which contains music, JAV videos and all our model collections.  Just register and we will setup your free and secure account. We never share your email with anyone under any condition.  Also,  be sure you visit our other network websites:  The Asian Babe Zone Server and The Asian Babe Zone Website.  Each of these domains are driven with a simple Menu on purpose for speed and efficiency.  Don’t underestimate the power at your disposal since these two new domains comprise one half of The MLZ Network, the other half being The Asian Babe Zone Blog on Tumblr and The 24-7 MLZ FTP Cloud Server.

We are now posting our Too Sexy for Youtube Videos on our own VideoPress Blog hosted by WordPress.  We have also brought back The MLZ Video Zone devoted to compiling videos for each model we showcase on our Tumblr Asian Babe Zone Blog which unfortunately we lost use of temporarily when we dropped our previous web host.

So with all that in mind, sit back and enjoy the Spring with all its beautiful colors, smells and sounds.  Thank you for your loyal support and your continued participation on The MLZ Network.

We have never asked for donations since 1996 and don’t plan on doing so but just remember our yearly costs to maintain and operate The MLZ Network is nearly $1200.00 US Dollars annually.  All we ask for return is refer us to a friend here and there and re-blog our posts from time to time would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

The MLZ Network Team